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We provide expert service and technology to the Minnesota hospitality industry

Restaurant Point-Of-Sale (POS) monitor with credit card swipe

About Hospitality Solutions

Hospitality Solutions provides unparalleled service and support to restauranteurs in the northern Minnesota area, making point of sale integration painless for even the most novice of restaurant owners. With over fifteen years of experience, we can implement a point of sale solution at your site that is tailored to your specific needs. We provide installation services, support and training, and a variety of hardware products.

Although Hospitality Solutions has sold a variety of POS products, we are proud to be the local representative for two particularly impressive POS Systems from ASI: the Restaurant Manager™ POS System and the Write-On Handheld™ POS System. Restaurant Manager is a fully integrated Windows-based system that can be easily tailored for use in any sort of establishment from a four-star restaurant to a national pizza delivery chain. It is the most intuitive and easy-to-use software application on the market today and an ideal solution for a vertical market where labor is characterized by high turnover and relatively low computer literacy. ASI’s other POS product is equally impressive and allows restaurant owners to benefit from today’s cutting edge technologies. The Write-On Handheld POS System relies on handwriting recognition to create a POS System as easy to use as pencil and pad.

When it comes to hardware, Hospitality Solutions recognizes that the food service industry requires rugged, top quality equipment and we offer our clients only those makes and models that we have evaluated according to foodservice standards. Some of the brand names we offer include: Posi Touch, Epson, Sharp, LRS Paging, Talon DVR and 3Com. All hardware provided to the client is always tested and “burned in” by Hospitality Solutions before it is delivered to the client’s establishment.

At Hospitality Solutions our main focus is not simply on selling POS Systems. We have built a reputation for providing top-rate service and support to our many clients. The key to our business success lies in the installation, training, and support services we provide to our customers. Once we start to work with a customer, we strive to forge a long-term relationship by providing the systems and services the customer needs to make their business work.