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Restaurant Point-Of-Sale (POS) monitor with credit card swipe

Restaurant Point-Of-Sale Products

Hospitality Solutions offers a variety of services and products to restaurants of all types and sizes. Please contact us for more information on any of our products or services.

Restaurant Managerâ„¢ Software

With Restaurant Manager on the job, you will have the control and freedom you need to grow your business. The software’s simplicity for new users allows for easy installation and implementation, yet more advanced features allow full control over the functionality of your POS system.

Restaurant Manager is perfect for nightclubs and bars, pizza and delivery, table service, and more! Restaurant Manager has earned its reputation as the easiest to use, most flexible and comprehensive point-of-sale system available on the market. Add-on features allow for labor scheduling, inventory control, reservations, gift card and house accounts, and write-on handheld devices.

Since 1988 ASI (the developer of Restaurant Manager) has been an industry leader in the point-of-sale industry. Restaurant Manager won “the best performing system” award in a hospitality technology scoreboard survey. The software package is now installed in thousands of sites across most every type of food service and “mixed environment” imaginable.

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Server Paging Systems from LRS

The most common use of paging systems is to page guests or customers who are waiting for services, treatment or notification. Businesses who incorporate our paging systems into their daily operations experience greater efficiency, increased guest satisfaction, and a boost to their bottom line.

Paging systems are also used for communication between staff. These systems enable users to send a text message from any personal computer directly to an alpanumeric pager and allow staff to communicate room-to-room with the push of a single button.

Rechargeable paging systems consist of three major components: 1. A Transmitter, 2. The pagers, 3. The Charger. Battery operated paging systems consist of the same minus the charger. Our paging systems feature five types of pagers that include both battery operated and rechargeable units.